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Mamp slow

I found the answer here: resolving-with-local-vhosts-in-lion-fix/, and that post refers to. Go to, find the line below: define('DB_HOST', 'localhost');. And change it to: define('DB_HOST', '');. When to delete the logs file of MAMP, sometime when an error appear, the log will be write to logs file, and if the size of file too big, this will.

My local wordpress MAMP site slow. 19 May, While I was on the train ride home today I was writing an article on my local copy of wordpress when I. local wordpress site running very slowly with MAMP on OSX sierra - I am when I try to load pages for a site using a virtual host, it is VERY slow. OS: OS X MAMP: (but I know others have the problem as well) Browser: Chrome. If it takes forever ( seconds) to refresh local.

Once I switched to utilizing a Mac for development, I noticed that my websites seemed to load extremely slow when running on my local MAMP. Change your ServerName s to or something other Forgot the technical explanation but basically,.local is used by Bonjour. I'm trying to develop my site using MAMP and I've set my memory limit to Mb and still my updating times are so slow it's hard to work. I had to disable the caching in my file. (at the bottom of the file). That made it running-on-the-go again.